Pictures shown below are sample images of hardware. New inventory is arriving weekly.
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Vintage Glass 20.00/set

Vintage Colored Glass Knobs 50.00-250.00/set

Vintage Metal/Brass Knobs 10.00-250.00/set

Vintage Porcelain (WHT) 24.00/set

Vintage Mineral Porcelain (BRN) 24.00/set
Escutcheon Plates

Vintage Escutcheon Plates 6.00-120.00


Plain Interior Mortise Locks 5.00

Fancy Mortise Locks 25.00-80.00

Pocket Door Mortise 20.00-125.00


Vintage Ball Hinges 6.00-24.00/pair

Flat Hinges 3.00-12.00/pair

Vintage Butterfly Hinges 4.00/ea.

Fancy Steeple-Tip Brass Hinges 25.00-50.00/pair

Cabinet Knobs/Pulls

Vintage Cabinet Knobs 1.00-12.00

Vintage Drawer Pulls 3.50-18.00

Additional hardware and related items can be viewed at The Salvage Warehouse.
Note: Prices may vary due to availability and condition.

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