Historic Houston initiated its Relocation Program as a proactive approach to preserving Houston's vernacular architecture. Since 2002 Historic Houston's Relocation Program has successfully relocated 32 historic homes to provide affordable housing throughout Houston. Historic Houston's Relocation Program has gained national recognition as an innovative approach that reduces C & D waste while providing an alternative solution to address Houston’s affordable housing needs. Recycling historic houses into affordable homes allows the vernacular architecture to be preserved and makes sense environmentally as well as financially.


2403 4515
Old location -2403 Shearn New Location: 4515 Terry


1430 2514
Old Location: 1430 Herkimer

New Location: 2514 Francis

1903 kitty
1903 Dew Plantation Relocated to Kitty Hollow Park


“Historic Houston can provide charitable contribution receipts for houses, in-kind
material, and monetary donations to our Salvage and Relocation Programs.“