To increase public recognition for historic preservation Historic Houston is providing, on behalf of the Planning & Development Department, a medallion plaque for City of Houston designated historic landmark buildings.

The custom designed cast aluminum plaque costs $95 and measures 9” x 6” tall with a black background and raised gold leaf brushed lettering.

Landmark Plaque


Q. “How do I know if my property is already a designated landmark?”

The following is a list of all properties that are currently designated landmarks:

Q. “My property is not a designated landmark. How do I obtain landmark status?”

Check out the City of Houston website Planning & Development section for more information about historic preservation in Houston and the Historic Preservation Ordinance:

The following form will provide information on the first steps to take to landmark your property:

Q. “My property is a landmark! How do I apply for a medallion plaque and what information is needed?”

The following link will provide you with our landmark medallion application, the application will explain what information is required to complete the process.
PDF Landmark Medallion Application